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STEP 2 3Standard Course

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Xie Tao

Independent teacher of nearly 20 years of experience, master's degree, Oxbridge tutor, competition gold medal coach. His works on Oxbridge Admissions Assessments and Maths and Physics competitions benefit thousands of students. Of all his students, more than 100 have been offered places to Ivy League, Oxbridge and G5 universities, and many have won top awards in many international competitions.

He devotes himself to helping students prepare Oxbridge Admissions Assessments, Maths and Physics competitions. He has developed teaching materials and courses about STEP, MAT, TMUA, PAT, ENGAA, NSAA, TSA, etc., as well as mainstream competitions such as AMC, BMO, Physics Bowl, and BPhO.

▌Standard Course

STEP 2 3 Standard Course


2024 (7th Edition)

£2 144.68

42 Pure + 9 Mech. + 5 Stats. topics

Approx. 50 hrs. video lectures

1000+ selected questions

STEP 2 3 All-in-One Coursebook PDF
STEP 2 3 All-in-One Workbook PDF
(7th Edition)

STEP 2 Past Papers PDF
STEP 3 Past Papers PDF

STEP 2 Categorised Questions PDF
STEP 3 Categorised Questions PDF
(2024 Edition)

On-line solutions to all questions

2-year subscription with free upgrade

STEP 2 Demo lesson available (click here)

STEP 3 Demo lesson available (click here)

▌Customised Services

Tailored Tutoring

Tailored Tutoring

On-line 1 on 1

Experienced tutors

Tailored Schedules

Flexible tutoring hours

Customised course materials

Enhanced learning progress

Small-group Tutoring

Small-group Tutoring

On-line 1 on 2-6

Experienced tutors

Lower cost with

More tutoring hours

Standard course materials

Highly interactive class

▌Contact Us

For more infomation about the standard courses or customised services, please contact us through WeChat or WhatsApp.

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(+86) 136-9109-5140

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▌How to Subscribe

Step 1


  • Once purchased you may use your mobile number (or a WeChat account) to sign in and study.
  • Subscription may be made by parents and then authorised with one student's account.
  • Payment can be made using WeChat, Alipay, PayPal and bank transfer.

Step 2

Acquire Materials

  • After purchased, please contact us to acquire the PDF materials included in the course.
  • All PDF materials are printable.
  • Some of the quiz and time-limited practices are only available on-line and not included in PDF materials.

Step 3

Video Study

  • After your account being authorised, you may watch videos on-line for a unlimited time within the subscription period.
  • Quiz will pop up automatically during video playback and full solutions will be displayed after being marked automatically.
  • On-line video playback is supported on computers, tablets and mobile phones, while off-line playback is supported on the Xiaoe Tech App.

Step 4

Do Practices

  • Solutions to exemplar questions and (time-limitless) practices can be accessed by scanning the QR code and submitting the link online.
  • (Time-limited) Supplementary practices are only accessable on-line and therefore need to be completed online.
  • Detailed solutions to all questions can be accessed on-line.
  • Please contact Xiaoyou if you need customised services such as Q&A and private tutoring.

▌Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where to watch the lecture videos?
Lecture videos are available on-line for computers (, tablets and cell phones.

Shortcut 1

Scan the QR code on the textbook or click on the link for quick access to the lecture videos.

Shortcut 2

Scan the code to follow the UEIE WeChat account and access the lecture videos from the public menu.

Follow us on Wechat

Shortcut 3

Scan the QR code to download the Xiaoe Tech App for off-line watching.

QR Code for Xiaoe Tech App

2. How can I access solutions to the questions?

First, scan the QR code at the beginning of each practice or exam. Then, detailed solutions will be displayed after completing the practices and submitting them online.

3. How can parents make payments for their children?

After subscribed, please contact us through the infomation provided above. Then we will help you authorise the students to the course by using their own WeChat or mobile phone accounts.

4. Can I purchase teaching materials separately? How can I obtain the textbooks?

The learning process cannot be completed based on the textbook alone without the use of the on-line system, therefore the textbook cannot be purchased separately.

You need to contact us to acquire the course materials.

5. Do you provide Q&A or tutoring services?

Yes. We provide professional Q&A and tutoring services along with the courses. Please contact us for more information.

6. Can I get a refund after subscribing?

No. Knowledge merchandise are non-refundable once subscribed. Therefore you are advised to watch the demo videos to learn more about the course before subscribing, in order to avoid unnecessary disputes caused by refund.

7. Can materials such as videos and teaching materials be transcribed or shared?

You may not transcribe videos in any form, and you may not distribute or share videos, textbooks, or other materials to non-subscribers in any way. We will block his/her account and reserve the right to take legal actions on anyone who violates our copyrights.

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