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Your senior experts on the Oxbridge application journey
Rich experience and a huge database, helping you with all aspects of Oxbridge planning, admission, and Olympiad-Prep



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Courses and Services

Oxbridge Planning

Providing application planning consultation, high-quality Oxbridge official summer schools, EPQ/online scientific research projects and personal statement services for outstanding high school students and families applying to Oxbridge and G5 universities.


Providing standard courses with course materials for preparing Oxbridge admissions assessments, such as Oxford MAT. PAT, TSA, Cambridge STEP, TMUA, ESAT (replacing ENGAA/NSAA) as well as interview tutoring.


Providing courses and tutoring for international competitions in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada in mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry, computers, and economics.

Oxbridge Essentials

Providing information and articles containing 5 categories and 19 courses of Oxbridge, and comprehensively analyzes and explains all aspects of Oxbridge application and admission.

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UE Teacher Training

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UE Oxbridge Essentials

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Our Strengths

Experienced Teachers

With nearly 20 years of experience in teaching and curriculum development, we can accurately diagnose the learning problems of different types of students and tailor programs to meet their needs.

Excellent Reputation

Our reputation is built on our commitment to research and development and the consistent improvement of our student-centered course products. We are accountable to our students and their learning outcomes.

Extraordinary Quality

Whenever developing a course, or composing an article, building a data analysis report, we strive for professionalism and excellence in order to produce products of high quality.

Advanced Technology

We utilize the most advanced learning platforms and data-analyzing tools to ensure that the courses and products are industry-leading.

How Comprehensive is the UE Oxbridge Essential?

Courses (majors)

  • Maths,Computing, Physics, Engineering,and Economics,etc.
  • 13 courses of the Oxford University
  • 6 courses of the Cambridge University


  • 29 colleges of the Oxford University
  • 33 colleges of the Cambridge University
  • profiles of all colleges
  • a guidance for choosing a college

Articles & Videos

  • covering the process of application to Oxford and Cambridge
  • advices on choosing courses and academic planning
  • guidance to the personal statement
  • test-prep guides for admissions tests

Dynamics Statistics

  • Analysis of admissions statistics
  • Analysis of admissions tests scores
  • Analysis of admissions exams questions
  • Analysis of competition scores



UE International Education Established

Founded in Beijing, China in 2015, we developed a localized bilingual teacher training curriculum and collaborated with Central China Normal University to offer bilingual teacher training courses.


Cooperated with Universities to Train Teachers

We successively cooperated with 4 universities, including Beijing Foreign Studies University, to train bilingual teachers and transfer them to international schools across the country.


First Edition of Comprehensive STEP Course Released

We developed the comprehensive Cambridge STEP mathematics test-prep course, with over 1,500 pages of textbooks and approximately 60 hours of video lectures.


First Edition of MAT/PAT Course Released

The first edition of Oxford MAT and PAT test-prep courses and video lectures were released, with subscribers in more than 10 countries and regions around the world.


Mathematics & Physics Competition Courses Released

The first edition of UE PhysicsBowl and AMC courses and lecture videos were released successively.


First ENGAA/NSAA Courses Released

The first set of test-prep materials and video lectures for the Cambridge ENGAA/NSAA were released, filling the gap in such preparation courses.


"Oxbridge Essentials" Released

Analyze of all aspects of the application process for the 5 major categories of Oxbridge. Its comprehensiveness, professionalism, and authority are in the leading position in the industry. It has been imitated by many institutions but has never been surpassed.


Oxbridge Admissions Statistics Analysis Released

Based on powerful data analysis app and official admissions data, we released a series of dynamic analysis charts. Due to the authoritative data and powerful strength, it plays an important role in increasing the success rate of Oxbridge applications.


New Generation of Course Matrix Released

With five years of accumulation, the Oxbridge-Prep series has covered Oxford MAT/PAT/TSA and Cambridge STEP/TMUA/ENGAA/NSAA. The updates of the learning platform and enrichment of learning materials enhanced the learning experience and effect of the students.


Globalization Reaches a New Stage

Paid subscribers are distributed in more than 30 countries and regions globally. The addition of English and Traditional Chinese versions to our official site marks a new step in the globalization.

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