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STEP 2 Pure Maths Standard Course

A course by

Xie Tao
Xie Tao
Independent Teacher

About Course

Cambridge STEP 2 Standard Course Pure Maths, 7th Edition, a professional, systematic and efficient test-prep course developed for Cambridge STEP maths exam by Mr. Xie Tao. It is one of the UE Oxbridge-Prep series, aiming to help students acheive high grades in STEP 2. The extremly rich course material includes more than 2000 pages of coursebook, workbook, reproduced past papers and categorised questions PDFs, with 32 lectures and video lectures with approxmiately 30 hours' duration, as well as over 600 practice questions with full on-line solutions.
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What I will learn?

  • This course covers more than 98% of the topics of STEP specification.
  • It is recommended to study 26-30 lectures.
  • Minimum learning time recommended is 200 hours (more than 6 months).

Course Curriculum

01 Logic (Demo)
• understand the term ‘statement’ • know truth tables • understand the terms ‘necessary and sufficient’ and ‘if and only if’ • master the procedures of deductive reasoning

  • 57:31
  • Exercises E01
  • Practices P01
  • Supplements S01

02 Counting

03 Primes and Factors

04 Divisbility

05 Mathematical Proofs (I)

06 Mathematical Proofs (II)

07 Algebraic Manipulations

08 Solving Equations

09 Simultaneous Equations

10 Roots of Equations

11 Inequalities

12 Polynomials

13 Functions and Their Graphs

14 Curve Sketching

15 Trigonometric Identities (I)

16 Trigonometric Identities (II)

17 Trigonometric Equations

18 Inverse Trigonometric Functions

19 Binomial Expansion

20 Sequences

21 Series

22 Series and Trigonometry

23 Further Summation

24 Integration (I)

25 Integration (II)

26 Integration (III)

27 Integration (IV)

28 Differential Equations

29 Complex Numbers

30 Vectors and Matrices

31 Plane Geometry*

32 Coordinate Geometry*

Material Includes

  • 32 video lectures (duration of approx. 30 hours)
  • 300+ exemplar questions and 300+ practice questions
  • STEP 2 Pure Maths Coursebook PDF + on-line solutions
  • STEP 2 Pure Maths Workbook PDF + on-line solutions
  • STEP 2 Past Papers (1987-2023) PDF + on-line solutions
  • STEP 2 Categorised Questions (2024 Edition) PDF + on-line solutions


  • Completion of A Level Mathematics or equivalent high school mathematics course is required.
  • Preparation of competition maths at high school level is preferred.

Target Audience

  • Students applying for Mathematics or Computer Sciences courses at Cambridge, Oxford, and Imperial College London.
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