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ESAT Physics Part Question Practice

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Xie Tao
Xie Tao
Independent Teacher

About Course

Xie Tao ESAT Physics Part Question Practice provides abundant practice questions and helps enhance your problem solving skills in MAT test.
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What I will learn?

  • This course covers all topics of Physics part of ESAT specification.
  • You'll learn lots of problem solving skills in maths and improve your performance on the ESAT test.
  • You are suggested to spend no less than 2 months (or 40 learning hours) to study this course.

Course Curriculum

Physics Exercises with Solutions (16 sets)

  • ESAT Physics-E01
  • ESAT Physics-E02
  • ESAT Physics-E03
  • ESAT Physics-E04
  • ESAT Physics-E05
  • ESAT Physics-E06
  • ESAT Physics-E07
  • ESAT Physics-E08
  • ESAT Physics-E09
  • ESAT Physics-E10
  • ESAT Physics-E11
  • ESAT Physics-E12
  • ESAT Physics-E13
  • ESAT Physics-E14
  • ESAT Physics-E15
  • ESAT Physics-E16

Physics Practices with Solutions (16 sets)

Physics Supplements with Solutions (16 sets)

Past Papers with Solutions (2016-2023)

Categorised Past Questions with Solutions (14 topics)

UEIE ESAT Physics Mocks (1 set)

¥2,980.00 ¥3,980.00

Material Includes

  • 700+ practice questions
  • 1 set of UEIE ESAT Physics Mock Paper
  • ESAT Physics Part Workbook PDF + online solutions
  • ENGAA Past Papers (2016-2023) PDF + online solutions
  • NSAA Past Papers Physics Parts (2016-2023) PDF + online solutions
  • ENGAA+NSAA Physics Categorised Questions (2024 Edition) PDF + online solutions


  • Completion of A Level Mathematics or equivalent high school mathematics course is required
  • Copletion of AS Level Physics or equivalent high school Physics course is required
  • Preparation of competition maths, physics at high school level is preferred

Target Audience

  • Students applying for Engieering, Sciences courses at Cambridge, Imperial College London
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